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Somerston Estate Priest Ranch
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At Somerston Estate, we believe that every bottle of wine is made in the vineyards, so ensuring we sustainably manage our 1,682 estate is vital. As the environment and vintages bring us new changes and challenges, we continue to evolve and learn more about reducing our carbon footprint and continue to grow sustainably and organically; along the way, we will share our stories and experiences. Join us on our journey through our stories...

Somerston Estate
December 21, 2020 | Somerston Estate

A Large Napa Valley Wine Estate Makes No Wine In 2020 Due To Fires Yet Only Adds To Their Sense Of Purpose

After the fires season in 2020, we lost all of our fruit due to smoke damage at Somerston Estate.  But now we are working at rebuilding our 1682 acre estate in the Napa Valley.  Read Catherine Todd's article on to learn more.

Time Posted: Dec 21, 2020 at 4:25 PM